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Bringing Back the Village is an umbrella organization of businesses and programs that center on senior services. In 2017, A local minister asked Tabitha Justice to teach his church ways to help seniors. Tabitha reached out to other senior experts, and this sparked a movement! Soon, dozens of speakers were aligning to teach easy steps on “creating a kinder, healthier and stronger community for our older neighbors.” The members of Bringing Back the Village firmly believe there are already enough exceptional programs available that are doing a great job. However, there’s a lack of awareness about these programs. This collaboration allows the professionals to network together to help increase community awareness and support for our older neighbors. Whether by inviting us into your community to hold seminars, sharing our Facebook videos, or even having a simple conversation with someone about what you’ve learned, all of us can take small steps to make significant changes in our community.


A message from our founder, Tabitha Justice:

My experiences have taught me that society mostly ignores the obstacles older adults face until it becomes a crisis point. We seem to fear that if we ask an older adult if they are okay, the answer may be “No, and I need help.” Then we find ourselves feeling not only responsible but also fearing we are unprepared and unequipped to help! So instead, it’s ignored until it can no longer be ignored.

We believe we can change this simply by teaching people to have conversations with their neighbors again. Through BBTV we have experts in the senior industry conduct seminars in small communities. We teach how to spot an older person in need, how to have a conversation to open them up to receiving help, and the resources that are available to improve their quality of life. We believe change doesn’t always require big steps, but rather significant changes can happen with simple but empowering conversations. Together we can create kinder, healthier and stronger community for our older neighbors.